Produced By: DJ Assault; Catalog #JA-1018
Release Date: 1998

The classic mix CD series returns with 5 volumes on 5 different CD’s of Straight Up Detroit. Take a trip back in time and listen to how the world famous DJ Assault began. This collection of 5 CD’s are recorded live sets and studio multi track sessions of DJ Assault’s hottest mixes from 1996-1999. These CD’s contain all the classics and rare or hard to find songs from every dance genre. From Techno, House, Booty, Drum & Bass, to Hip-Hop it’s all in the mix and all of it is a part of the Detroit Dance Music scene.


  1. hi
    I would again ask for a response concerning the problem with downloading materials from the tabs DJ Mixes, Albums
    Single pieces can be downloaded without a problem
    but sets or albums such as Belle Isle Tech or similar
    stop downloading too early – break off
    I would like to hear this music in my mp3 player at work 😉

    • Hey this site doesn’t work well with internet explorer browsers. Use Mozilla Firefox on Win and Safari on Mac. Press play on the track or mix you want to download first, then click the free download tab next to it. This will take you to the download link. Thanks!

  2. Hi C.D. !!!
    For the last time I thought that the problem with downloading the material is related to my internet connection …
    Previously, I tried IEXPLORER (thanks for the info), mFFox, Chromium and many managers – the result was always the same – was only half the set is downloaded. One of them I managed to download all the sets but had a lower quality than the 320. I asked friends using another Internet connection and the result was the same. Do you really have to act this way?


    • Hey man I don’t know what to say? No one else has came to me with this issue. Plus all of the downloads on this site are 320k so I don’t know how you got a lowest bit rate??? I can send you links If you like? Thanks!

  3. Hi.
    Sure – we’ll check the links.! Please send it to me. Your music is worth it to try again 🙂
    You’re right – music is in 320kb – the songs are about but the sets do not give advice to download it to the end. So I tried other ways to download mixes and came out to 192kb. Perhaps this is a problem on the web at our headquarters. But the link to download Belle Isle Tech 2 I found similar comments. Not only I had a problem with that. Please check it out.
    Maybe i need to have a better internet connection. Therefore, only some people have such a problem.
    In any case – sorry for the inconvenience.

    Greets !!!

  4. Hi
    I was able to download without any problem.
    Now the music is masterfully 🙂
    Bass shakes the house 😉
    Thank you very much
    Could you send me links to the other – DJ Mixes?

    I would really appreciate it

    Keep It Up!

  5. Man this sh** is the soundtrack to my youth…Eastside house parties jittin battles…. St Ides and Cisco…. DJ muthafu*&^#n Assault

    • He man did you notice only you are having this problem? It’s nothing wrong on my end man hundreds of people have downloads this mix since it’s been up.

  6. Glad I found this site… Someone ganked my SUDS Vol.2 and I figured I would never get it back. Good shit Assault, big ups mane.

  7. Your music is Godly! You need to come to Tampa, FL sometime and meat the faces off these people here with your rhythm and rhyme. They dont know how to party like you!

  8. WOW….. Sounds about right, they never make any good decisions. Well maybe sometime in the future you’ll find your way down here. Anyway Keep up the MAD BEATS! XD

  9. hello
    I’m sorry that I refer again to the problems – I love your music
    last again try to download dj mixes – and appeared “internal server error”
    – That’s why I wrote the last question
    I understand that the lack of download may just boil down to my location – but many people have already asked (in Poland because I’m from here) who have different internet connection than I do – more powerful and also had a problem with the complete collection – interrupted after about 60%
    I do not understand this.
    So I have a big request:
    had already touched upon this problematic subject and received from you, alternative link from where I was able to download the entire link with no problem. Thank you very much for it again.
    Is it possible to get links to other DJ Mixes? mógłyś example, several alternative place those links on your site or even send them to the post office?


  10. Yo~! I found another fan of yours down here in Columbus. When I dropped by his crib he had this disc!!
    I was the only other person that I know that had this, and that was like in 97….Keep it rollin’.


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