Produced By: DJ Assault; Catalog #JA-023
Release Date: November 22nd, 2011

This short collection of songs are based on the use of drum machines from the 80’s. Roland, Casio, and Linn drum machines all work in concert to create this sexy masterpiece. This EP still maintains the melodic and funky elements that are a classic part of the DJ Assault brand. Along with more catchy phrases in the form of original vocal samples, this release takes on a soulful feeling. “I Think Of U” is definitely a club and cross over delight. The use of the commercialized “Auto Tune” effect on vocals is a bit over used and old. But, the creative nature in which “Auto Tune” was used in this track can be appreciated for it’s commercial appeal in a non-commercialized genre. There’s a ton of surprisingly interesting details that a listeners will notice over several plays of this short collection of music.


Track List

1. What Do I Wear

2. What Do I Wear (Instr)

3. Make Yo’ Legs Shake

4. Make Yo’ Legs Shake (Instr)

5. I Think Of U

6. I Think Of U (Instr)

7. Backwards In Time

8. Backwards In Time (Instr)

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