Full Frontal Nudity EP

Full Frontal Nudity EP

Let Me Out

Dental Floss


Fans I make 'em Dance

Brand - Put It Down (DJ Assault Remix)

Kendric Lamar - Swimming Pools (DJ Assault Remix)

Booty Trap Music EP

Yo' Feet Stink EP

Sexy Machines EP

All Over The Place EP

Mr. International EP

The After Party EP

9 Years Of Game EP

The Lingerie EP

Club Hoppin' EP

Striper Beats EP

Nigga Music EP

Take It In The face EP

Sex In The City EP

The Sexy Lover EP

Where The Hoes EP

The Booty Banger EP

The Ghetto Shit EP

The Pornographic EP

Everybody Fuck EP

The King Of Booty EP

The Accelerated Funk EP

Sumthin' 2 Shake Yo' Azz 2 EP