Produced By: DJ Assault; Catalog #JA-022
Release Date: September 30th, 2011

This is a collection of tracks I produced over the past 2 months. These songs kind of have nothing to do with each other because, I was working on other projects at the time. Which is the reason I don’t work on a lot of outside project unless it’s for film or tv. But I thought someone out there would enjoy this material. So I decided to share it. All the tracks are 100% created by me. No outside producers, writers, musicians, or engineer’s. I try to keep some purity in my music because, now a days you never know who really did the work when you see an artist’s name on a record. The vast mixture of dance, club, rap, and funk is what I live by. So again enjoy you’ll miss my music when it’s not free anymore or in 50 years when I stop pressing record!!!

Track List

1. Raccoon

2. Raccoon (Instr)

3. Way Out There

4. Crackin’ Bubbly

5. 2 Me

6. 2 Me (Instr)

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