Produced By: DJ Assault; Catalog #JA-1001
Release Date: Aug. 15th 2007

01. Bras-N-Panties
02. Don’t Blame Me
03. Get Kinky
04. Merry Go Round
05. Panties Wet
06. Play It Again
07. Play Wit My Drums
08. Put Yo Weight On It
09. Rise Above It All
10. Stop It, Quit It, Cut It Out
11. Take Dem Drawls Off
12. Turbulent Journey
13. U N My Car
14. Undeniable Mission
15. Vandalism

This body of work is influenced by the old school house style of the mid to late 80’s. A time where dance music only consisted of Roland Drum Machines, funky analog synths, and vocal samples. The real house sound in it’s rawest form built the foundation for everything dance music genre that came after. This album is DJ Assault’s own rendition of the days of past. The days of dance music with heart, soul, feeling, rawest, purity, and love for the art. Detroit and Chicago built this movement that now seems lost with no chance of finding it’s way back home. Listeners will here this body of work and know there’s something special about the decades of the past and the real sound of the hottest tracks that started dance music history.

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