Produced By: DJ Assault; Catalog #JA-1012
Release Date: 2000

Never Before Heard Unedited Version.


  1. hey assault, is there any chance you can make the original full length version of this mix available? the version without the edits/samples removed? the full version is awesome, one of my favourite mixes of all time.

  2. Knocks! I have this mix from wayyyyy back in the day but its broken down in 83 tracks? is that the version you guys want? You are dope Assault.

  3. As Jon has suggested in his anwesr, a recording engineer is more like an artist than an engineer. In fact, these people are in no sense engineers or technicians and should be called panel operators or something like that. The quality of a recording depends on the skills of the panel operator as much as it depends on the talent of the singers and musicians.