Produced By: DJ Assault; Catalog #JA-019
Release Date: March 06, 2010

1. Acid Booty
2. Acid Booty (Instr)
3. Acid Booty (Bonus)
4. Mr. International
5. Mr. International (Instr)
6. Cumin’ Wit Me
7. Cumin’ Wit Me (Instr)
8. Trax Dat
9. Trax Dat (Instr)

It’s been a minute but Assault is back in the lab drumming up a whole new batch of fresh streaming hot beats. Four brand new tracks are available on this newly formatted E.P. For the first time ever all versions of traxx on newly released E.P.’s will be one click away. That means the regular vocal version, instrument, and accepella of all future songs can be downloaded for free. This is  for the trax heads out there and is focused on very repetitive hooks and drum beats. Although it does get a little melodic this one is all about traxxin’ it up!!!



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